Friday, February 1, 2008

Kamillosan Spray

Wahhh since my gums are super sensitive unlike you, I should not live without that Kamillosan spray. It prevents my gums from swelling and turning into gingivitis. I just like to tell you guys that it works, at least for me haha. To filipinos out there, the Kamillosan spray by Transfarma Phils, Inc. costs Php375.00 at Mercury Drug. My advice use your relative's Senior Citizen card to reduce it to like, Php303.00. As a maintenance it's good for 1-2 weeks(depending on the amount you spray) til you buy your next spray. It prevents bad breath which is cool. It works wonders too after you got a tooth extraction and if you have sores. Here's the list of its indications:

  • inflammatory affections of the buccal and pharyngeal cavity

  • parodontitis, acute gingivitis

  • pain after tooth extraction and during second dentition

  • mucosal irritation caused by dental plates

  • tonsilliary angina

  • canker sores

  • bad breath


Anonymous said...

hi there,

i used this product but very rarely cuz im scared of its side effects(though i dont know if there was). how long do you think can we use this product if i have a persistent sore throat and throat problem?ive been having difficulty problem due to my asthma and it seems like the air cant get in/out due to bacteria in my throat, i feel like choking in that, i want to keep using this product but dont know how long before i stop?can you advice?thanks in advance.

filipinpobum said...

try it for a few days, if it doesn't work and it's still chronic, please have a doctor check you. thanks

Mary Rose said...

I just want to share my experience in this product. In summary it made my singing voice slightly back in just 2days.

I got cough the day before my wedding singing commitment. I lost my voice that fast, I am so worried and fearful on what will happen to me on the wedding day. So I post shout out to my Facebook asking for a medicine suggestions and my boss replied that KAMILOSAN SPRAY is just like an herbal medicine so I can bought it without prescription.

I used this product together with a cough medicine and warm lemon tea with calamansi consistently until the next day afternoon (the wedding day). We rehearse 15mins. before the actual wedding ceremony and I am so surprise that the voice that comes out from my mouth doesn't have any mark of sickness. But of course there is a minimal feeling of pain on my throat.

Until now I am using it to prevent sore throat. I love Kamilosan and I hope it doesn't have any side effects huh. :-D

Mary Rose said...

Ohw! I forgot to share that my Doctor also approve this when I go there for check up after the event :D

This is like a replacement for Bactedol but my doctor said that you can use both medicines.

Anonymous said...

I love this product. It is so effective in relieving my itchy throat. I use it right after I make a presentation or have a long teleconference. My doctor said this is safe since it is made of all natural ingredients.

Anonymous said...

wow... i just got a prescription from my doctor to take and puff this kamillosan spray, 3 times a day, im just wondering if its ok for me to smoke while taking this spray med... or is it gonna affect the effectiveness of the kamillosan spray..since im working in a call center and smokes a lot.. any suggestion from your experiences? thanks..

Anonymous said...

HI! my husband used this b4 and its very effective, now my husband want me to buy this and sent it to him (abroad) can i sent dis even without Doctor. prescription..and can i buy dis over d counter? Thanks! need ur reply...

mama ganda

Anonymous said...

i dont think there will be any side effects coz its all natural

Anonymous said...

Is this safe to use for kids?